A Transformative Tool

Genomics is a powerful tool that can help us face global food, energy and healthcare challenges while protecting our precious natural resources.

Pick a Sector, Any Sector

Genomics (the study of a living thing’s entire genetic makeup) helps us understand the function of organisms at a molecular level, which is invaluable in everything from forestry to mining and energy, and agriculture to aquaculture. See this video for a primer on genomics in action. Or read our overview. Or use the links at the top of the page to jump to the sector that interests you.

The World is Hungry for Genomics

Our population is exploding. And we’re seeing changes in weather due to climate change. How do we feed the world while protecting our resources and providing meaningful jobs for our food producers? Genomics is playing a vital role in the development of safe and sustainable agriculture. Read the report

Monitor. Extract. Remediate.

At first, the worlds of mining and energy don’t seem relevant to genomics. But take a closer look, and you’ll find these sectors are influenced by microbes, tiny organisms that play a role in corrosion, extraction, environmental assessment, cleaning up toxic substances and more. Read our full reports to see how genomics is helping us manage the work of microbes in these sectors.